Autocad Tutorial :How to remove “Produced by an Autodesk Educational Product”

2 03 2011


Kadang-kadang dapat drawing cad dari client mesti nampak msg “Produced by an Autodesk Educational Product” masa nak plot. Takkan laa nak plot dgn word tu sekali kot kan? Aku try copy and paste kat new layout pn sama jgk. So google punya google aku dpt cara utk remove word ni.

Ni cara dia:

1. Buka dwg y bermasalah tu
2. Taip dxfout kt command prompt cad tu
3. Save dxf kat desktop(tmpt y senang access)
4. Kemudian taip dxfin kt command prompt cad
5. Browse file y dah di save kat step 3 td
6. Save file tu as dwg.

Tiba2 teringat kat arwah tok wan aku y selalu menyakat aku masa kecik dl. Al-Fatihah…



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